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  • Expose your students

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    World is our classroom

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VTU.MyKlassRoom - The Social Learning Platform

What is Myklassroom.com?

Myklassroom is a social e-learning platform built to enhance the learning experience of students. It is a revolutionary idea to enrich classroom's social experience by engaging diverse group of faculty and students across the globe in virtual space.

The VTU e-Learning Centre was established in August 2003 at the SJCE Campus in Mysore with the main aim of facilitating Distance education and training to the students and faculty of VTU through satellite and web

Visvesvaraya Technological University is the first university in India that has networked all its affiliated colleges across the state of Karnataka under Indian Space Research Organisation's EDUSAT project.

Complexity free web based social e-learning platform for students and faculty, to share and learn together

Why use a social learning system?


Bring in the wisdom of the crowd

Myklassroom is a social platform for learning, social aspects and virtual games in our platform is tuned to stimulate active engagement of student and faculty in myklassroom.


Superior customer service

We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable in using our system.


Easy to use

Software has to be simple, we track every individual and try to reduce the repetitive steps to accomplish a task.


Attention to individual

Every individual is unique in his or her learning ability. We provide tools for faculty to analyze them and effectively engage the student to improve effectiveness of learning.


Just what you need

Just what you need, when you need it. We don't clutter your screen with too many options or images.

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